Our blog has been created to help all of us keep up to date with course content, what is happening in class and to access information and links that are useful for Stage Six English.

The blog is about being connected to our learning beyond the classroom. Our discussion, course notes, creative writing and responding tasks do not have to stop as we leave the room, so too our ability to learn from each other and other sources of information. Remember, knowledge, understanding and information is constantly changing, and that one individual is not the ‘fountain’ of all knowledge.

We want to understand and build our critical understanding of the ways various composers create, shape and reshape meaning,  not just to pass an exam or do well in an assessment task, but as teachers we want to understand the way composers can provoke or educate or entertain us…

So, remember the blog is yours, you own what goes on here, not me. If you have questions, post them, if you have good links to sources, post them, if you have an answer you want to share, post it!

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Week 12

Second last week!

Some ideas about approaching writing with Stage Six students.

Massive imput from Bianca Hewes, her work can be found here.

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Week 11 Extension 2

A Course worth fighting for!


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Week 10


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Sam & Ben Presentation


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Week 9

We still have a few presentations to experience…and we will spend some time uploading/posting presentations from before Easter on the blog.

The second half of the session will focus on the National Curriculum, with specific focus on Stage Six English. I will add the presentation to the blog tomorrow night.

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Week 8 – Presentations

Please post any links- prezis you have made, or blogs you have set up- relevant to your presentations in the comments section!

Please take the time to comment and add to your favourites:


Engaging Spaces Presentation

Tirra Lirra presentation

Matt & Letitia’s Handout – handout3

Anthony and Jon’s – http://prezi.com/slax-pdzm6bx/closing-the-gap-between-learning-in-the-home-and-school-environments/

Anne & Callie – http://musicinenglish.wordpress.com/ – Prezi and Handout can be found under ‘Resources’.

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Week 7

A closer look at Advanced Paper 2 and Extension 1 courses.

The Easy Essay: Scaffolding for Stage Six essays, using prezi to reinforce essay writing.

There will be plenty of time to discuss the next task, most of us haven’t let me know about who is working with who and focus areas. Remember the Presentation tasks place next week.

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