Week 12

Second last week!

Some ideas about approaching writing with Stage Six students.

Massive imput from Bianca Hewes, her work can be found here.

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2 Responses to Week 12

  1. Callie says:


    I wondering if anyone could help me? It’s come across that the listening component of HSC marking is often just ignored but does anyone know of examples where it isn’t? How DO teachers create a listening task and are they created meaningfully? Or could anyone could point me in a direction of how to construct a meaningful listening task?


    • It is so hard. 15% of internal school based assessment. Things I’ve seen:
      Reflection statement on another students speech.
      Listening to poetry and responding in writing, is that listening or responding though?
      Short clip from a film, tasks on the impact of music/score and dialogue.
      We have used a song in a whole HSC group in an examination style situation with similar questions to Section 1 Paper 1.

      Also, having sounds as stimulus (just as you use visuals or quotes to provoke for a creative writing task) can also work, as stimulus for a Section 2 Paper Imaginative writing task.

      Anyone else have ideas?

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